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Top 10 most common car breakdowns


It is never a great feeling to see your car break down, but it happens quite often. Car breakdowns are varied and depend on many factors: the manufacturer's brand, the regularity of mechanical maintenance, the use of the car... In short, the reliability of your car can vary. Here are the 10 most common car breakdowns you may encounter:

Various car breakdowns related to the engine
A dirty engine can affect the reliability of your car. A drop in power during acceleration or black smoke can tell you something about the health of your car.

Faulty battery
The average life of a battery is 4 years. There are warning signs that a battery is about to fail, such as when your equipment is running weakly. Before changing your battery, check the voltage of the battery. It should be close to 12 V.

Leaking engine oil
Is your car leaking oil? This can be due to leaking seals, increased pressure from accumulated dirt, loose fasteners or an installation error. There are many causes! Don't drive too long when you have noticed the problem!

Top 10 most common car breakdowns

Misaligned steering wheel, unbalanced geometry
A misaligned steering wheel is often caused by worn shock absorbers in the bearings, ball joints or silent blocks. Adjusting the wheel alignment is a simple and inexpensive operation. If this is not sufficient, the defective part must be replaced or the tyre will be damaged.

The clutch
If you notice that your clutch slips, even slightly, especially in first gear, it means that it is failing. You can save your clutch for a longer life by not pushing the gears too hard and avoiding unnecessary slippage.

Starter out of order
A faulty starter will simply not allow you to start your car. So it's vital to act quickly if you notice any signs that your starter is tired.

Squealing brakes
Are your brakes squeaking or whistling? This is probably due to the wear of your brake pads. Braking is provided by the brake pad support. Edges that were not properly filed down during assembly or the habit of braking over long distances in the first few kilometres can cause your brakes to wear.

Fuel choice
Improper fuel selection accounts for 15% of common failures. This can lead to engine failure and often to the replacement of the injectors. However, if the error is detected before starting, it is sufficient to drain the tank and change the fuel filter.

Malfunction of ancillary equipment
Lighting, air conditioning and heating all require regular maintenance.

Radiator failure
If your car's engine is overheating, it is likely that your radiator has broken down. This can lead to damage to the head gasket or a defect in the hoses.


You've got it, it is better to maintain your car regularly, so you can avoid nasty surprises! For this purpose, you can find our multi-brand diagnostic tools, which will allow you to carry out a complete diagnosis of your vehicle.


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