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TOP 10 good habits to adopt for an economical driving.


At iCarsoft Europe, we wondered how we could, at our level, help you reduce your fuel consumption to save money. Here are our tips:


1 - Don't rev it up!

Make sure you don't exceed 2500 rpm. If you go beyond that, your engine consumes much more fuel. Shift your gears quickly, because you consume less in 4th or 5th gear. The aim is to drive at low speed.


2 - Switch off your engine when you are stationary!

There is a reason why all new cars are equipped with the Start and Stop system. As soon as you are stationary for more than 1 minute, remember to switch off your engine, as your car consumes unnecessarily.

3 - Equip your car with an Ethanol kit!

Biofuel has been on the rise in recent years and for good reason, it costs less than 60 cents per litre! It is composed of 85% ethanol and 15% petrol. Any car with a petrol engine, produced after 1990 can be equipped with the well-known box.

At Kit Ethanol Auto, we offer you the complete range HERE.


4 - Close your windows!

Yes, it may sound silly, but at high speed, if your windows are open, your car loses aerodynamics and this increases your fuel consumption by 5%!

So turn on the air conditioning if you are too hot (but not too hot either... see next point). Don't panic, in town at 50 km/h, this has no effect.


5 - Don't overuse the air conditioning!

We wonder how we ever managed without it... But be careful not to overuse it. First of all, don't exceed a 5°C difference with the outside temperature, this will prevent you from catching a cold. Remember to turn it off when the temperature is not excessive or when you get out of your car. There is also no need to push it to the maximum as soon as you get into your car, it is only effective after a few minutes, so it is better to open your car a little before you get in.

TOP 10 good habits to adopt for an economical driving - iCarspft Europe

6 - Remember to inflate your tyres!

Check the pressure of your tyres regularly. This can save you up to 4% on fuel. In addition, under-inflated tyres wear out more quickly...


7 - Empty your car!

If your car is overloaded, you will increase your fuel consumption. So think about emptying your boot of all the useless things that clutter it up.


8 - Use the engine brake!

Think about downshifting rather than braking. Using the engine brake reduces your fuel consumption. It forces you to anticipate traffic and to avoid sudden braking or acceleration, thus to consume less fuel because your speed is more stable.

9 - Leave your car in the garage!

If you can, carpool, walk, cycle or use public transport for your daily trips. Especially as it is on short journeys that your car consumes the most fuel. You will reduce your CO2 emissions and that is eco-friendly!


10 - Take part in an eco-driving training course!

They are popping up all over Europe and will teach you how to reduce your consumption by more than 20%. The icing on the cake is that practising eco-driving reduces the risk of accidents by 10 to 15%!


Have a smooth drive!


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