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What is a car diagnostic tool?


Breakdowns are among the most stressful situations for vehicle owners. Fortunately, we can find on the market very convenient and economical devices such as car diagnostic tools. What do they do and how do they work? In this review, we will explain all about car diagnostic tools.

What is the purpose of a diagnostic tool?

The diagnostic tool is a device that allows a complete diagnosis of the entire system of a vehicle (lighting, engine, braking, battery, etc.). It has three main roles.

Collecting information related to the operation of the car's engine

This first role allows the owner to have a precise idea of the state of his vehicle. It saves time and helps to optimise the performance of the car.

Diagnosing the various breakdowns

If a problem is detected in time, unforeseen expenses can be avoided and measures can be taken before the problem gets worse. Breakdowns appear on the display in the form of codes called "fault codes".

Reprogramming components using the diagnostic tool

With the diagnostic tool, it is not always necessary to go to the mechanic because the device is able to solve some breakdowns.

What is a car diagnostic tool?

What are the different types of diagnostic tools?

There are two types of diagnostic tools: single-brand and multi-brand.

The single-brand diagnostic tool

This category of diagnostic tool is only suitable for diagnosing vehicles of a particular brand. It is much more suitable for people who use only one brand of vehicle. In our catalogue of single-brand diagnostic tools, we offer the iCarsoft V1.0 range for a complete and reliable evaluation of the car.

We also offer the iCarsoft V2.0 range which, in addition to having the performance of the V1.0 model, offers the possibility of regenerating particle filters, programming injectors, etc.

Our range of single-brand diagnostic tools is very affordable, ranging from €119.99 to €169.99.

The multi-brand diagnostic tool

As its name suggests, it is compatible with several makes of car. If this is the case for you, we recommend our iCarsoft multi-brand range. Economical and convenient, it is functional on many models. It is suitable for both professionals and private individuals because of its versatility. Prices range from €59.99 to €1499.99.

How does a diagnostic tool work?

To use your diagnostic tool, you need to connect it to the car's OBD (On Board Diagnostics) socket. The role of this socket is to allow easy access to all information via the electronic control units. Depending on the vehicle, it can be located either in the fuse box, under the steering wheel, near the handbrake, on the left of the dashboard or in the centre console.

As soon as your device is connected, it reads the fault codes, a combination of numbers and letters that reveal whether there is a fault in the vehicle. Fault codes come in two forms:

Fleeting codes, which have no effect on the operation of the car; permanent codes that can only be removed when faults are fixed.

When purchasing your diagnostic tool, make sure that the model you choose is compatible with your car. If you have any doubts about the choice of device and its use, do not hesitate to contact us. Above all, buy quality brands and beware of counterfeits.


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