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Multi-brand car diagnostic scanners for individuals and professionals. 

Discover our complete range of car diagnostic cases and tools for both private and professional use.

We have the right interface for your car diagnostic needs.

Car Diagnostic Tools for Home Users 

Our entry-level iCarsoft i800 and iCarsoft i820 allow you to get started in automotive diagnostics with a scan of your vehicle's engine compartment, a real-time reading of the car's faults and also the possibility of commissioning batteries. 

The CR Plus and CR Elite models go further with multi-make system diagnostics. Engine diagnosis, ABS, AirBag, transmission but also the possibility to reset maintenance, oil changes. Injector coding, particulate filter regeneration, steering angle reset and brake pad replacement. 

Car diagnostic tools for professionals 

The iCarsoft CR Pro and iCarsoft CR Max are semi-professional level diagnostic cases that allow more than 20 functions on more than 40 vehicle brands such as Audi, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Citroën, Renault, Dacia, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Mini, BMW and many others. 

iCarsoft CR Ultra is the ultimate in multi-brand diagnostics. It is a professional level tool ideal for use in a garage, dealership or multi-brand car dealer. 

With this tool, you can perform a range of diagnostics, coding and programming to the same level as the manufacturer himself. 

iCarsoft CR Legend is also a reference for automotive professionals that integrates more than 40 diagnostic, programming and coding functions. 

This powerful diagnostic case also includes an endoscopic camera, a professional battery tester and a thermal printer. 

iCarsoft CR Immo is our diagnostic, key coding and immobiliser management tool. It is a diagnostic case designed for professionals. 

Compatible with over 70 vehicle brands and thousands of cars

iCarsoft is proud to offer maximum compatibility in terms of automotive diagnostics. Our diagnostic kits are compatible with all French, German, English, American, Italian and Asian car brands.

We have the diagnostic interface that allows you to quickly obtain a health status on your car.

If you want to perform advanced diagnostics on specific make groups, discover also our iCarsoft V1.0, iCarsoft V2.0 and iCarsoft V3.0 range. Powerful diagnostic tools for your car!

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