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OBD Adapters

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OBD2 adapters for car diagnostic scanners

Discover our complete range of OBD2 adapters compatible with single or multi-brand car diagnostic tools. 

Does your vehicle not have a standard 16-pin OBD2 socket? We have the right adapter for your car's diagnostics.

Compatible with over 20 vehicles

Our comprehensive range of adapters allows you to connect your car diagnostic interface or tools to your non-OBD2 equipped vehicle. 

We have special adapters for BMW with 20 pins, Mercedes-Benz with 38 pins, Sprinter with 14 pins, Nissan, Toyota and many others!

Also discover our adapters in sets of 8 or 20 to meet your diagnostic needs. 

Professional quality adapters 

Our connectors use a rigid reinforced plastic that is ideal for professional use. 

These adaptors are essential if you are diagnosing an older vehicle that does not have a standard OBD2 diagnostic socket.

Compatible with different makes of diagnostic devices

Our adapters are compatible with iCarsoft's multi-brand diagnostic scanners, but also with diagnostic tools such as Autel, Launch, Autocom, Snooper, Wurth and others!

OBD2 a universal standard from 2001

In order to simplify the work of automotive professionals, all manufacturers have decided to use only one plug format to connect to vehicles.

You know the USB format on your computer and well OBD is simply the equivalent to connect to a car. 

An OBD2 socket is a trapezoidal shape with a set of 16 pins and you can find this type of socket globally on all vehicles on the road from 2001 onwards.

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